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Counselling explained

Can counselling help me?

The therapeutic relationship you and your counsellor will build is proven to have a positive effect on most clients’ wellbeing. This is because time with a counsellor is a unique experience in supporting your wellbeing.

The counsellor values you just for being you They will empathise with your difficulties and be consistently genuine in the time you spend together. This allows you a safe space to explore current and ongoing difficulties, mental health difficulties and the way you see yourself and your world.

What happens in counselling?

Counselling is about you. Your counsellor will work with your issues and what you find difficult at this moment in your life. During counselling you will explore the negative patterns that repeat time and time again and the obstacles that prevent you leading a happy and fulfilled life. You will explore your difficulties without opinion, advice or judgement so that you can understand what holds you back and make the changes you choose.

My difficulties feel too challenging to overcome

All our counsellors have received personal therapy themselves. We know how you feel at this time and how difficult it can seem to make a positive change in your life. Sometimes the difficulties feel too challenging to face and we have spent time with many clients who also struggled in their lives before starting counselling. Many clients felt so trapped within their difficulties that they were often unaware that with the right help, they could make positive changes.

I have been to counselling before and did not find it helpful

Some people do not achieve their goals and feel that further counselling cannot help. We understand that counselling works through the strength and security of the relationship you and your counsellor will build together. This is because the counselling relationship provides a safe environment of trust where you can explore your difficulties.

Sometimes the way the counsellor works or the relationship just doesn’t click. We know this and invite you to try again and not be put off if counselling didn’t work for you in the past. We can talk about what worked and what didn’t to understand your needs. As trained Person-Centred counsellors, we put the strength of the therapeutic relationship at the heart of all our work.

What will change for me as a result of counselling?

All our counsellors have worked with many clients who were struggling in their lives daily and we have seen the positive changes that people can make from counselling. A common phrase from clients concluding counselling is that it has been a ‘life changing experience’ for them.

We see many clients who struggle to manage being with other people, clients impaired by anxiety and depression and those traumatised by difficult events. We know how scary and difficult life feels for you at times and acknowledge and respect the hope, along with the fear and trepidation that has brought you to consider counselling.

Most of our clients have been where you are now and have gone on to make positive changes, often beyond what they hoped was ever possible. As a result of successful counselling you should:

  • Notice and understand your emotions which will support you rather than restrict you

  • Not be dependent on others for your happiness and have positive equal relationships

  • Grow your inner resources and feel confident to rely upon them when challenged

  • Become free from or confidently manage anxiety and depression

  • Be happy and confident with who you are